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November 15, 2018by hcs0

Workplace Wellness Poised to Become a Top Priority

Workplace Tech Lagging Behind The Colliers Hong Kong’s new Annual Occupier Survey Report 2018 examined other elements that will play key roles in attracting and retaining the workforce of the future. Companies in Hong Kong still lag behind other major cities when it comes to investing in new technologies (both hardware and software) and workplace wellness.

The deployment of new technological hardware and software is key to increasing productivity and enhancing the work experience. However, there is currently a lack of awareness and knowledge of how technology can enhance staff working experience, with companies more willing to invest in established technologies such as intranet, HR online processes and virtual meeting tools. There was limited interest in newer technologies such as enterprise social media tools or digital data management.

Wellness in particular figures to become a key component of workplace strategy with Hong Kong’s notoriously long office hours. Although workplace wellness awareness is indeed on the rise, only 54% of survey respondents currently have employee wellness programs in place, with many offerings at a rudimentary level.