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May 31, 2020by hcs0

Getting back on track with tea!

When the Corona Virus first hit and we had our routines and schedules turned upside down, the common question was, “for how long?” How long until we can get back to “normal?” How long until we can be back doing the things we love and following our usual schedule – kids in school, head to the office, social gatherings on weekends?

It has been nearly two months, and it looks like that time is upon us. But you might be noticing that you have gotten used to your new routine. Maybe you kind of like not having to commute to work and go through the traffic. Maybe you kind of like not having to deal with school pick-ups and drop offs. Maybe it is kind of nice to be able to wear your sweatpants on the bottom half and only look professional from the waist up.

It is normal to find it difficult to go back to work after being home for so long, or to find it difficult to adjust to another new routine after you just got used to the altered one. But that is the answer: routine.

A routine is a series of small habits that you repeat in a certain order. When you started working from home, it was hard because you had to break your current habits and establish new ones. Now however, you have established these new ones and have to go through it all over again, creating new habits as we adapt to the easing restrictions.

But there is no better way to form routine than around soul warming tea!

To help start your day: Energy Boost Morning Tea

The Energy Boost tea is strategically crafted to offer you the perfect boost of sustainable energy via the addition of matcha, while also boosting antioxidants through hibiscus and blueberries, and tasting delicious. In times of transition, it can be difficult to get started in the morning, when the day is looming ahead and it is filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Having a consistent way to start however – with a healthy energizing tea – is a great way to get yourself on track and stay motivated.

To help pass the time: Immunity Tea

Is it Tuesday? Friday? What’s a weekend? If you feel during this time that all the days blur together and there is no difference between workdays and non-workdays, you’re not alone. One of the best things you can do to help combat this however is to get into a consistent routine. Do things at certain times of the day that mark that time of the day, so that it helps mark the passing of time. Ditto for doing things on certain days of the week so you can help tell them apart. For example, you can plan to have tea every morning at 10:30 am and every afternoon at 4:00 pm. Not only does this give you some consistency, but when you consume the immunity tea, you get the extracts from immunity friendly ingredients, including peppermint, orange and fennel.

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To ease anxiety symptoms: Gut Health Tea

If you have noticed that your digestion seems to be a little off in these last couple of months or that you are getting an unusual amount of nausea and bloating, it’s no surprise. When we are stressed, we are activating our sympathetic – fight or flight – system. Part of the functional path of this system is that it downregulates digestion. This means that it does not prioritize the need to digest food or extract adequate nutrients. In order to do this, we have to focus on reducing stress and activating the parasympathetic system. As you get back into routine, use our gut tea, which contains ginger and anti-inflammatory turmeric to help reduce symptoms of gut distress.

To improve cognitive function: Cognitive Memory Assist

Back to the office and back on track with business, it might seem like everything that was put on hold a couple of months ago, is now happening all at once. This requires strong cognitive skills from you in terms of focus, memory and attention, but also in processing and problem-solving. Enter our Cognitive Memory Assist Tea and you’ll be in office mode in no time!

To help de-stress: Tension Taming Tea

This evening tea is made of a special selection of calming, de-stressing ingredients, such as chamomile, lemon balm and cinnamon. During this time, sleep is critical to help maintain optimized immunity and ensure you have the full mental functioning capacity to get back into the office while also taking care of the last few days of home-schooling. Finish the day off with this tea each night to make sure you get a restful night and wake up refreshed, or simply sip during the day if you find yourself getting too stressed out.

As we navigate the next stages of Corona Virus at home and for work, use the regularity of your tea consumption to help guide you into the next stage and have them form a solid routine that will bring you joy and productivity.

Laura Peill
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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