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July 31, 2020by hcs0

Making the Most of Teatime

On these chilly winter days, it seems to be that tea time is always in order. Whether it’s to warm you up, or wake you up, if you find yourself reaching for tea more and more often, you’re not alone! But it’s nice to know that what you are choosing to drink regularly has more than just it’s physical warming properties.

Tea time

When we crafted the blends for the Tea Box, a lot of time went into choosing the ingredients and creating the perfect combination. Every ingredient has its purpose and an intention behind why it is there. You can dig into this on our website, but we wanted to take some time to highlight some of these for you so that you know exactly what’s in your daily warming cup:

Cognitive Memory Assist

Whether you are working from home or home-schooling kids, these days, with the distracting media and all the new roles and life routines we are adopting, it can be hard to keep cognitively on track. Our Cognitive Memory Assist blend is a specially formulated blend which enhances alertness, working memory, focus and Cognitive function and which also can play a role in reducing Alzheimer’s. A few of the specialized ingredients that offer these benefits include:

  • Gingko Biloba – An anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory ingredient, which helps improve blood flow and circulation, and is cognitive and memory enhancing.
  • Panax Ginseng – Reduces plaques which build up in the brain and can lead to Alzheimer’s, as well as offers anti-inflammatory properties
  • Golden Root (Rhodiola) – An adaptogen, which helps the body adapt to stresses that are present and respond appropriately

Morning Tea

The star player in this tea is Matcha. We wanted to create a tea that you could have as a way to boost your energy without the after effects experienced in caffeine.


  • High in antioxidants
  • Natural energy booster because of its green tea properties
  • Contains L-Theanine, a natural relaxant

Gut Health Tea

The connection between the brain and gut is well documented and research continues to show up which supports the role the gut has in influencing the brain. when your gut health is suffering, it can impact things such as concentration and focus, mood and emotion, among many others. The good news is however, that there are lots of things you can do to help improve your gut, including consuming gut friendly ingredients. We have included two of these in our tea:

  • Turmeric- Anti-inflammatory, helping reduce inflammation in the gut which can lead to compromised digestion
  • Ginger – Aids in gut distress symptoms such as gas, bloating and nausea
Gut Health Tea

Immunity Boost

COVID time or not, boosting the immune system is always beneficial. We think of our immunity as being important when we are sick, but it is important all the time! It helps us recover from exercise and manage stress levels; it helps remove toxins from the body and improve cellular health and function and it ensures our body is ready to fight off invaders whenever they show up. Immunity is enhanced through Vitamin C rich foods, exercise, lymphatic movement and these ingredients:

  • Licorice
    • Adaptogen, increasing the body’s ability to respond to stress, by adapting to the stressful situations
    • Antioxidant, contributing to reducing cellular oxidative stress
  • Hibiscus – Hypotensive, helping to reduce blood pressure
  • Pomegranate – Rich in antioxidant, a key player in the immune system, as it helps to remove oxidative cells which can compromise immune functioning

Tension Taming Relaxation Tea

This tea is our night blend, which we recommend you consume before bed to help with sleep and in quieting your mind. However, it can be consumed any time during the day when you need tea to help in reducing stress and tension and when you need to take a few minutes to breathe.

  • Lemon Balm – A natural sedative and calming ingredient, which helps calm the mind and body in preparation for sleep.
  • Valerian – Similar to lemon balm, with natural sedative properties, but also acting as a nerve tonic, to relax the nervous system.
  • Goji Berries – Immune modulating, the Goji berry is able to respond to immune changes in the body, which are often closely connected to experienced changes in sleep and tension.

Over these next few weeks, whether you are drinking tension taming tea or not, remember to breathe! Press pause, get up from your chair, walk around and move, and take in a few deep breaths. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Laura Peill
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

We’d love to help you become healthier and be the best version of yourself!

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