How it works - Health Tea Box

Prevent, Repair, Restore

Start or stop anytime. There are no contracts.

Start enjoying the benefits of the Health Tea Box and its healthy natural herbal infusions by simply choosing a sample pack or getting a regular monthly supply.


Hydration Station

Each Health Tea Box is design to be used as a dispenser and can be conveniently placed in your home or office kitchen. It contains 100 infusers that are individually packed to preserve freshness of natural herbs, tea leaves and spices. There is also the option of taking your daily pack of five with you to your office desk or pack in a suitcase when travelling.

The system is designed for each blend to be consumed daily in order to maximize the health benefits; hence 100 infuses for full month consumption. We recognise that during some days, individuals may not consume all five infusions which means that one HHS can be shared across multiple family members or co-workers.

We suggest that initially you underestimate the consumption by ordering one HHS to be shared between 2-3 people. You can adjust the quantity once you have a better understanding of your specific consumption pattern.

Power of Herbs

Herbs have been in use for thousands of years. Fossil records date back to the middle Paleolithic era; approximately 60,000 years ago! People around the world have traditionally integrated them into their daily diets as well as medicinally, as required. Herbs can significantly impact health and well-being by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, improving mood and sleep, calming nerves as well as assisting with the digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Made with all-natural ingredients, each herb in the blend serves a specific purpose, which seeks to improve overall health and act as a preventative health measure. Our herbal combinations are designed with synergy in mind, in that working together, the herbs are more powerful than when working alone. This synergy allows for a greater therapeutic effect, affording greater benefits for many areas of the body.

Evidence Based

All of our claims are backed up by numerous global studies and research. If you would like to know more please refer to our Evidence Support page on the website

Holistic system

The concept of holistic wellness addresses the issue that being healthy, and performing well as a result, is about more than the absence of illness. No longer, can one indicate that they are healthy, or feeling well, just because they aren’t sick. Instead, it considers the person as a whole and addresses all components of what make up wellness.

The premise behind our Health Hydration Wellbeing System is to adopt this multi-faceted, holistic approach, targeting several areas of health and wellness within one system: each infusion has a specific purpose and place and leaving one out reduces the optimal synergistic effect on the body.

Another important component in addressing one’s overall health and wellness as a holistic system is to educate individuals on their health and wellbeing, and educate on best practices for preventative health. Health education is a major aspect of our health promotion activity: as part of the HHS wellness program you’ll get access to our online Wellness Centre packed with healthy lifestyle tips, recipes and healthy living publications, along with the option to register for a monthly wellbeing newsletter.

Tasty, Healthy Hydration

The process we have devised to help you receive optimized health and wellness through herbal infusions is efficient and enjoyable. The infusions offer a tasty alternative to less-nutritious beverages or to medicinal tasting teas and elixirs. Indeed, the leaves from plants, fruits and spices give a pleasant aroma and flavour, making infusions not only beneficial for physical and mental health, but also a satisfying method of hydration.

This preventative health plan starts with introducing a natural alternative into your lifestyle,
with something as simple as drinking health formulated herbal blends, already integrated for you into our Wellness System.

Convenient & Cost effective

Perhaps most important of all however, is that adopting this holistic system is convenient and cost effective.
You will receive a Monthly supply of Health Infusions encompassing five nutritionally formulated herbal blends focusing on supporting your daily health and hydration.
There are no contracts or ongoing commitments of any kind and we offer a small trial pack to give you a little taste of our herbal infusions.
In addition, we offer a free component, which is a health education program built for your company needs.

For approximately half of the price of a cup of coffee per day you can start enjoying the benefits of natural herbal supplements delivered to your door, optimizing the health and wellbeing of you, your employees and their families.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn