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Naturopath and Herbalist Kimberlee Ashanti talks about the “All Day” herbal tea blend and its benefits, which is part of the Health Hydration Station natural herbal wellness system.

Health Tea Box – All Day Blend– Immunity Boost



Video Transcript

Gut/Immune connection; 80-95 % of our immune system resides in our GUT-so any disturbance here impacts our ability to fight off infections.  If we are under a lot of stress this also has a dampening effect on our immune resistance. Each year new strains of viruses appear and with the increase of antibiotic resistance our ability to kill bacterial infections is significantly reduced.   So, we need to build up our Immune systems from within.

Tea & Herb polyphenols are perhaps the most abundant and efficient anti-oxidants and are the star players in the immune system. A plethora of evidence suggest strong antioxidant potentials of their flavonoids, in particular, in containing or supressing the production of excess free radicals.

If you increase immune balance, then you reduce inflammation and oxidation.

This blend boosts immunity by increasing antioxidants thus reducing oxidative stress; increasing your body’s ability to defend itself against ‘bugs’ you are exposed to as well as stress in general.

Ingredients:Licorice, Fennel, Peppermint, Hibiscus, Pomegranate,  Orange Zest

Liquoricehas very capable antiviral activities, soothes and heals mucous membranes as well as acting in an adaptogenic capacity; building our resilience to stress.

Peppermint hasbeen successfully used with GUT issues like IBS; calming an upset stomach. ;which supports the immune receptors in the GUT. It also can play a role in regulating fevers.

Hibiscus is high in Vitamin C-a strong anti-oxidant. Combined with the added benefits of pomegranate and orange zest  this blend  packs a potent immune punch.