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Health Tea Box – Promoting good health across the lifespan

Health Tea Box is a selection of health teas assisting older adults optimise their opportunities to improve and preserve their cognitive, social and physical function, in order to increase their quality of life.


Aged Care

Health Tea Box

Therapeutic & Tasty Hydration

Reduces Inflammation & oxidation

Enhances Memory & Focus

Convenient & Cost Effective

Ongoing Residents & Staff Education Program

Safe, Holistic System

Evidence Based

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Join Retirement Living leading providers: Australian Unity, Arcare, Bupa and Southern Cross Care by introducing Health Tea Box wellness program to your facility. It’s easy, safe, healthy, cost effective and could be a perfect addition to any wellness program. We can even organise a small trial without any obligations or commitments.

If you have any questions regarding any aspects of our program or want to organise a trial, please contact us and one of our team members will be in touch to see how we can help you best.

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Impact of an Ageing Population

The majority of recent wellness advice and initiatives are focusing on 25-45 years old’s. With the current Australian life expectancy of 80-84.5 years, it is becoming critical to focus on Healthy Aging and the health issues associated with an aging population.

Advances in healthcare have offered extended life expectancy over the last century. This however, has created new psychological, physical and financial challenges for the individual, their families and the economy. This is especially relevant in discussing the aging population.

Impact of an ageing population

As a consequence of aging, many people experience a decline in cognitive performance. Areas such as working and episodic memory, problem solving, attention and reasoning may become compromised in older age, and these things are at the root of the development of potential health issues.

New set of Health Problems

Numerous health conditions are currently impacting individuals as they are aging, impairing, cognition and memory, as well as immune, gastrointestinal and heart health. In addition to age and compromised cognitive function as a cause, these issues are largely underscored by inflammation and oxidative stress.

Ongoing Monitoring & Support

Offering a solution to these health risks and degenerative health conditions is a top priority when it comes to improving one’s overall health and wellness.

The Health Tea Box is not just a convenient, healthy hydration alternative, it is a comprehensive wellness program designed to assist organisations and individuals in establishing healthy habits, promoting healthy living, and in seeking to address these age-related health risks.

Health Tea Box is an innovative and holistic way to offer a long term ongoing alternative Hydration with therapeutic benefits. Simplicity of the system allows for easy monitoring and assessment.

After the initial rollout, our team members will be working closely with your nominated staff. The Health Culture Systems team will monitor the herbal infusions usage, adjusting the quantities required to achieve an optimal, cost-effective outcome for your organisation.

Ongoing Monitoring & Support

As part of ongoing program monitoring and continuous improvement, we can facilitate electronic wellbeing surveys capturing feedback and evaluating the impact of the program on staff and residents. The results of the surveys can be summarised and presented to the management and relevant stakeholders as part of an ongoing wellness improvement process.

Why Health Tea Box

Adequate hydration is vital to our overall health and wellbeing. Every cell in our body requires it for optimal functionality and survival. Inadequate hydration has been associated with poorer attention, memory and cognitive decline and increased risk of infections and compromised immunity.

Preventing dehydration reduces healthcare expenditures and improves outcomes and quality of life.

To adapt to the physical and mental demands of aging, enhancement of nutrients is also often necessary, but compromised due to absorption challenges.

Herbs brewed as teas offer nutrient benefits and these are more readily absorbed. Health Tea Box has been designed to provide a daily systemic wellbeing tonic for the mind and body. Herbal combinations address primary health concerns with continual anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cognitive nurturing and hydration enhancement throughout the day. Made from all-natural ingredients that work synergistically, Health Tea Box can assist in lowering rates of many lifestyle related diseases.

What better way to restore our hydro-balance and increase nutrients than over a social cup of health-inducing tea. It’s implementation is simple, enjoyable, therapeutic and cost effective.

Continues Education

Health education is a large part of our wellness program. Our team of trainers, nutritionist and naturopths are available to work with relevant staff to develop a tailored health education program, “Your Health Calendar,” which is focused on your organisational needs. This program can include monthly health news, health days, educational sessions, morning teas and several other events.

Our ongoing FREE Educational program is designed to advocate preventative health and to promote natural healthy alternatives on a daily basis.

To make a health & wellbeing program successful the initiative should consist of simple but every day activities that help to create ‘good habits’ so it becomes part of our daily routine. The HHS promotes these principles, and is working to change the way we think about health.