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Make your workplace health program successful with Health Tea Box

Ultimate Health Tea! Over 30 natural herbs combined into holistic wellness program by registered Naturopath to boost your energy, manage stress and improve your overall health.


Workplace Wellness

Health Tea Box

Healthy & Tasty Workplace Hydration

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Ongoing Employee Education Program

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Become an instant work Hero by introducing Health Tea Box wellness program to your workplace. It’s easy, healthy, cost effective and could be a perfect addition to any corporate wellness program. We can even organise a small trial without any obligations or commitments.

If you have any questions regarding any aspects of our program or want to organise a trial, please contact us and one of our team members will be in touch to see how we can help you best.

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Why every organisation should implement a corporate wellness program

In today’s workplace, people are working harder and longer than ever before. This results in work induced-stress and other work-related health problems. In an attempt to combat these problems, many employers have begun to implement health and wellbeing activities to improve productivity and performance, and help employees deal with stress and fatigue in the workplace.

A big part of this improved performance comes from making sure your employees are achieving and maintaining optimal health. With the desire to focus on preventative health, the aim is to prevent your employees from feeling sick, burnt out, fatigued or worse yet, suffering from a chronic illness or disease requiring them to miss work or repeatedly call in sick.

And achieving this level of health comes from offering the wellness and health support they need to be at their best and in turn perform at their best.

Corporate Welness Program

Why Health Tea Box?

The Health Tea Box incorporates over 30 herbs, tea leaves, spices and fruits. It is designed to be consumed as a system of five carefully formulated infusions throughout the day focusing in selected target areas pertinent to the corporate workplaces.

– Boosting energy, focus & Increase productivity
– Enhance employee retention – Improved morale
– Improve Presenteesm
– Reduces stress & anxiety
– Encouraging better sleep and reducing fatigue
– Promoting healthy hydration

Made from all-natural ingredients that work Synergistically, HHS can assist in lowering rates of many life style related diseases.

The botanicals are designed to reduce systemic Inflammation and Oxidation as well as support Gut, Brain, Heart, Endocrine, Nervous system and Immune health.

Health Tea Box Blends

The Health Tea Box is an innovative, complementary solution that ensures continual Hydration throughout the day by offering five distinct blends targeting multiple aspects of individual wellbeing:

Morning – Energy & Performance Boost
Day – Cognitive Memory Assist
Afternoon – Digestive Assist & Gut Health
Night – Relaxing, Tension Reducing
All Day – Immune Support

Health Education Program

As part of our continuous wellness education program we offer an opportunity to organise “Health Days” and “Morning Tea” events. These are fun and engaging events that will allow your employees to socially connect while we share our health knowledge.

The value of our program is having topics tailored to your needs and working with your organisation to make behavioural changes, in an effort to change the way your people approach and think about Health.

Monthly Health Updates

We offer a monthly electronic newsletter offering a variety of resources such as healthy living tips, new relevant research, general life hacks and recipes. Collectively these help you be the best version of yourself.

We support key WELL principals

Promote water consumption by making it readily available

Health Tea Box is the closest alternative to water and can be enjoyed as a warm drink during the cold season when water consumption is reduced. When fully consumed, Health Tea Box adds 50% to total daily recommended water intake.

30g of sugar or less per beverage

The only sugar in Health Tea Box infusions comes from natural dried fruit sources – there is no processed sugar. The fruits are specifically selected for their health benefits, to enhance flavor, and to add antioxidants.

No artificial ingredients (in foods/beverages)

HHS is an all-natural beverage made from fresh dried herbs, tea leaves, spices, fruits – non-processed blends.

Use of nutritional educational displays

The Health Tea Box educational component is designed to deliver weekly “Health Tips” in order to help create good health habits in your building and company.

Encouraging wholesome/healthy snacks/foods and discouraging processed, sugary beverages

Consumed as designed (5 cups/day consumption) Health Tea Box will assist in reducing the need for excessive snacking. It will also assist with digestion and gut health.

Health & Wellness awareness

As part of the program, the HCS team will run Health Days designed to promote Health & Wellness with a focus on PREVENTATIVE health. An organization-specific Health Guide will be created as part of the Information Library, offered as a Health & Wellbeing Manual for your company or oganization.

Mind & Behaviour support/Stress Management

Research shows that the soothing power of a regular cup of tea can reduce the harmful effects of stress, and it is a cultural, therapeutic, social and enjoyable activity. Indeed, many people say that drinking tea helps them relax after facing the daily stresses of everyday life!

Ongoing Monitoring and Support

Monitoring and support

As part of ongoing program monitoring and continues improvement, we can facilitate electronic wellbeing surveys capturing feedback and impact of the program on staff. The results of the surveys can be summarised and presented to the management and relevant stakeholders as part of ongoing wellness improvement process.